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Our Story

We are 3 close friends who met in London more than 10 years ago. Our paths crossed just by chance during a Job interview. Surprisingly, all 3 of us got offered the job in the same company! Since then, like millions of other commuters, we had to experience the daily uncomfortable commute into the City surrounded by tired and moody city workers. Days were spent on trains and tube travelling between home and the office. The only thing we could see around us were hordes of people dressed in black, blue, and grey. The same scene was presented to us every morning and every evening for days, weeks, months … YEARS!!!

One Friday evening after a long day spent in the office we decided to pop in a local Pub for a quick drink. The 3 of us sat in a COMFI couch for hours discussing about work and complaining about our bosses. We ended up staying there until closing time! It was that night, we realized we had a mission to lift the spirits in our community! No more excuses, no more "IFS", no more "BUTS" our vision was clear (despite the drinks). We must act fast! No time to waste! We want to lift the mood of this city and its habitants.

That is where the inspiration came for our range of colourful, vibrant, defy convention and unapologetic accessories. The path was set, is now your turn to lift the moods, clouds and put a smile on faces in this Fantastic city.... LONDON!